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The 6 Essential Nutrients your Vegan Kids Need to be Healthy

In my 4 part Video Mini-Series


Dietary Guidelines state that a well planned vegan diet is healthy for kids.

But what does "well planned" really mean?

In this 4 Part Mini Series I'll teach you the 6 essential nutrients that are harder for your kids to get from their vegan diet, and the best (kid friendly!) foods to get them - no kale required!

At the end of the 4 videos you'll be 100% confident that you know exactly what to feed your vegan kids so they can thrive on their vegan diets.

Yep, I'll teach you how to be a parent of the kids with a "well planned vegan diet".


So How Does it Work?

When you sign up you'll get instant access to the 4 Part Video Series

  • You'll learn about the 6 most Important Nutrients for your Vegan Kids (and the 2 you really don't need to worry about!)
  • I'll give you a List of my Favourite Foods for each Nutrient, so you'll know exactly what to feed your kids to keep them healthy
  • You'll get a Printable Guide so you can check back on the nutrients as your kids grow (because yes, their needs change as they get older!)f

Who is this Video Series for?

My Vegan Kids Nutrition Series is for all the vegan parents out there who know a vegan diet is the best thing for themselves, but they're having trouble figuring it all out for their kids.

You're vegan for the animals, the planet, or your health (or all 3!) but you keep finding yourself caught up in the plethora of conflicting information out there:

Vegan kids can't get enough protein

Vegan diets are dangerous for kids

All vegan food has iron

Dairy leeches calcium, so vegans don't need to worry about calcium

I'm here to clear up all the confusion and give you a clear plan so your kids can thrive on their vegan diet.

Because your kids can absolutely be healthy on a vegan diet. You just need to know what nutrients they need.

Hey there!

My name is Gen! I'm a Certified Vegan Nutritionist and mum to 2 vegan boys.

I love working with parents to make sure their families thrive on their vegan diets. I combine over 2 years of university level nutrition training with psychology and 5 years of experience as a vegan mum, to help families make their diets really work for them.

I can't wait to help you on your vegan journey!

Gen xx

Gen Rees-Carter

Are you ready to feel 100% confident about your kids' vegan diet?

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  • Printable Nutrition Guides

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